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How You Can Get Your Business Up And Running In Less Than 7 Days

A substantial amount of planning and implementing will set your business up for success; but can you do it in seven days or less? We here at “The Ding King Training Institute” believe that you can. The process is simple, and if applied daily you will succeed. This is a fast paced, hardcore method that’s not for the squeamish. It takes giving up these days and doing exactly as told. Strap yourself in, let’s go.
1.  Day One – You must draw up a business plan. There are many samples of very insightful business plans online that will serve you well as an example. Yours can be written on the back of an envelope or can be 20 or more pages long. It’s your plan after all.
2.  Day Two – Study your competition. You must know in advance who you will be coming up against in your market and how they have fared. Check prices, advertising methods, and successes. Knowing who your competitor’s are will change your angle dramatically.
3.  Day Three – Brand Identity. This is something that you will need to invest some time into and therefore have given you a whole day to do it. You must decide on what your brand is. There are companies online that are set up to provide you with a lasting logo, or you could choose to create it yourself. During this day, once you have made a decision on logo, you will need to set up your social sites. Not participating yet but setting your brand.
4.  Day Four – Set up your business as an LLC. This is a Limited Liability, meaning that if you have a client or someone who has a suit that pertains to your business they are unable to sue you personally or any of your investments. You can pay an Attorney to do this but you could save a thousand or more doing it yourself.
Follow me over to our followup post and get your last three days of setting up your business.

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