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Not all Bumpers are Created Equal

Did you hit the post or did the post hit you?

Either way, you know you either need to replace the bumper or find someone who can repair it for less. We can help with that.
Back in the day, bumpers were made from metal and were so much more durable. Now our bumpers are made from plastic and are capped which is very annoying as they don’t have the durability the metal ones had.
Now, instead of replacing the whole bumper, you can have a trained technician repair your bumper with “nitrogen plastic welding.” Quite an easy fix and costs only a small fraction of what the dealership will charge to order a new one. In some cases the same can be done if you have a bumper that is cut or torn.
The scene has been created but where do you go from here? You become the technician that you want and need. It’s not hard, just pick up the phone and get yourself into the next class starting soon. You will train under the nation’s only State Licensed PDR School The Ding King Training Institute.
At Ding King you will receive professional training that is unmatched. You also have a variety of classes that you can take and each class lasts anywhere from one class of 2 ½ hours up to 15 days. It depends entirely on your needs. The choice is yours. In addition, there are travel specials offered that pay for your flight and deluxe hotel accommodations that are included in any course taken for $6,000.00 and above. Have you ever seen any institute that makes an offer such as this? Your answer will probably be a resounding No! The Ding King Training Institute is committed to your success and have no problem moving heaven and earth to make it happen. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 1-800-304-3464

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