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What Do Body Shop Owners Really Think About PDR Technicians? Part I

justifpdr-tech Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technicians are a part of a minority of body shop specialists. It’s really a niche market that requires the proper training and a lot of practice. There is nothing that you can become, in any industry, that doesn’t require a lot of practice until you hit the sweet spot. In addition, this particular niche industry, requires that you are practicing daily. If, after time, you have finally hit the complete understanding of your abilities and limitations, then it would be okay to take a week off for vacation. Only after a very long time can this even be considered. One of the biggest complaints from Body Shops is that they are getting PDR Technicians that have very little experience and because of this they are causing more damage than good.
Is There Purpose To Hiring A PDR Technician?
Many of the shop owners will tell you no. To be fair, these shop owners say no because they fear that they will lose the technician once they have paid for the schooling. Another concern is that if the Technician is also a full time body shop employee, they will have to walk away from the longer more difficult body work project to take care of the PDR vehicle job. The good news is that shop owners can justify having a PDR specialist on call to handle jobs that are geared to them. It’s just difficult to justify hiring one full time for the reason that I mentioned, being that they are afraid the technician may walk away from the job and take their skills somewhere else and because they will probably only use that person once or twice a week. Another shop owner cites that the majority of the work that comes into his shop is too substantial for PDR. He says that he does use them on an on call basis because there are customers who would prefer to get the most of the work done and fixed for less than $100 instead of getting it 100% fixed for four times that much.

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