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What Do Body Shop Owners Really Think About PDR Technicians? Part V

Another reputable body shop in Chicago says that they have PDR technician available to them whenever they need him. They have been providing at least 7-10 vehicles for repair per week. This owner says that he had one of his employees trained as a PDR Technician, and it worked for him for several years, until it didn’t. The Technician had to leave for family reasons.  Now he farms the work to a out of house technicians. He especially loves the on the road traveling PDR business.
A good technician will be able to eyeball a job and know whether it will work or not. This type of experienced technician should know how to get in through a window to fix door panels or gain access to a rear quarter panel through the taillight housing. Technicians should also know, when the occasion arises, how to drill a hole and where to drill it. The technician should have x-ray vision or be able to anticipate where the hole should go so that the hole is not placed on the outside of a body brace or any other worthless spot.
A good technician should be able to speak honestly to the car owner and let them know whether the dent will pop well or if it is predicted that the paint has a greater chance of causing spider lines in the paint. If the car owner wants to take on the risk, then be sure they sign off on it. Be prepared to add an addendum to the original contract.
The technician should also be skilled enough to know, and be able to tell, if the dent is better left for the inside of the shop or to wait for a warmer day. Cold metal is very difficult to manipulate and it will push back against the tools being used and will cause spider lines. It’s not malleable.

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