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What Do Body Shop Owners Really Think About PDR Technicians? Part II

The take away from Part I of this series should be that body shop owners know that Paintless Dent Repair has a place but are reluctant to train someone for their in-house work. Some only have enough work for a few hours a week.
Even those body shops that butt up against a used care dealership are reluctant to hire a full time PDR Technician. There could be a lot of reasons for this and one of them could be that they would rather get the money for a full repair than to give it up for what should be or is a minor repair. I’m not trying to point fingers, I’m just saying.
The body shops that advertise that they have a PDR Technician are on the up and up. These are the ones that will sometimes have a PDR Technician on staff but for the most part will farm the work outside of their shop. Unless the weather is unruly, you would do the work there but in the parking lot as they will not want to give up a bay that is worth or could be worth a lot of money.
If you are a smart PDR Specialist, you will have a list of dealerships and body shops that you have an agreement with and you would make a weekly round of these locations providing your services. So these Managers or Owners would let their clients know that you will be there on a certain day and they could come back on that day.
There are still some body shops that will hire anywhere from five to ten PDR specialists during hail season when cars are riddled with small dents and dings. This kind of thinking has worked out well for the shop owners as they can keep on working on the projects that they already have and leave the specialists to do their thing outside. Everybody wins in this type of scenario.

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