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Bobbing and Weaving Hailstorms

Hailstorms are scary, one minute you’re driving along and it’s raining, then it’s raining really badly, then suddenly you begin to hear the little pellets tink, tink, tink. That’s not so bad, then they get louder and begin to bang against the windshield. You and every other driver is racing, trying to find an underground garage or a carport. I’ve seen people cause more damage to their vehicles by crashing into one another in a panic than the hail damage ensuing.
Regardless of which caused the most damage, both possibilities of what you are left with are unsightly. Many, including myself, think that hail damage looks so much worse than a fender bender. In times past, you would have to replace the entire hood and anywhere else the dimples are present. this is not the case any longer. Now, depending on how severe and how much time passes from the time of the storm to when it goes in for repairs, it’s a pretty easy fix.

Enter Paintless Dent Repair, this was in fact created out of the despair of hailstorms and minor transport dents, by the Mercedes Benz Company in Germany. Born out of the need to find a more efficient and less expensive way to deal with these dents, came PDR technology that uses rods to massage and manipulate the dents our from the inside and then gently using a hammer on the outside. This process requires a great deal of skill and training, just one wrong or hard hit of the hammer has the ability to split the metal rendering all of the progress to that point useless. It’s important to understand that not every dent is created or treated the same. If, for example, the paint was damaged or the metal was too far stretched, PDR technology would not be the answer.

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