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How an “Act of God” Can Be a Good Thing, For You

How Would It Feel to Have a Solution?

“Hail damage is not only unsightly but a true headache to insurance companies everywhere. History tells us that there is no limit to the size or damage these solid snowballs can cause. The largest in history fell on July 23, 2010 in Vivian, SD measuring 8 inches in diameter and weighing 1.94 pounds. The prized stone is now on ice at the National Center of Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. The previous record hailstone fell in Aurora, Nebraska, on June 22, 2003, and measured 7 inches in diameter and weighed 1.67 pounds.” – RMIIA
“Insurance claims resulting from hailstorm damage increased 84 percent in 2012 from their 2010 level according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). In 2010, there were 467,602 hail damage claims filed in the U.S. That number increased to 689,267 in 2011 and to 861,597 in 2012—an overall increase of 84 percent from 2010 to 2012.” – RMIIA
So what does all of this mean to you? Income, an unending stream of income. Certainly you don’t want to chase hail storms to turn a profit, but is it your fault that nature unloaded itself on your town or others in close proximity?
You are the solution to a force of nature or as it is commonly called in the insurance industry “An Act of God.” As a Certified Ding King Technician, you are equipped to offer help to your distraught neighbors and insurance companies. The insurance companies nationwide are on-board with the lower prices and will turn to you time and time again.
With our countries weather patterns getting stronger and more damaging, there could be no better time than now to take a leap of faith and secure your place in the next class with the nation’s leading trainers at Ding King.
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